Ubuntu Software Center estaría en Debian.

La nueva aplicación Ubuntu Software Center estaría disponible para las próximas ediciones de la distribución Debian bajo el nombre de “Software Center”. Estará para el ambiente GNOME aunque se piensa que nó será incluido en Squeeze sino que estaría disponible para las próximas versiones.

La nueva versión de esta aplicación utiliza aptdeamos y DBUS por lo que podria reemplazar al entorno Synaptic, el Update Manager y a otras aplicaciones del mismo tipo.

Visto en: Espacio Linux



  1. The thing that distinguish Debian the most, its their great package management such as Synaptic.

    I don’t like the idea at all of purchasing software from this Software Center, i have never seen such thing on Debian, and i think it doesn’t need it as well.

    I think that before uploading this to Debian Sid/Unstable, the community should decide if we want/need this kind of software to be ported to our valuable Debian Distro.

    If the community approves this, since Ubuntu call all their software (Ubuntu, this, Ubuntu that) taking most of their software from Debian, we MUST rename this to Debian Software Center.

  2. Off course, the most interesting thing that Debian has it’s the way that how we can install software. For that reason there are a lot of distributions based on Debian.

    I think that we have to make this not a way to “Buy” software but a easier way to install software. I don’t think that Debian will introduce a software management of paqages if the comunity don’t aprove it.

    Thanks for the comment.


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